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(Self Defence)

What is DOJO     ? 

The formal gathering place for students of martial arts such as judo or karate. Dojo literally means “place of the way” in Japanese. ... Shoes must not be worn inside a dojo, and in some martial arts, it is customary to ritually clean the dojo before and after training sessions.

Tradition karate is an art of self-defence which uses only and in the most efficient way human body. It employs mainly blocking, blowing, punching and kicking techniques?" The purpose of Traditional Karate is to develop well-balanced mind and body, through training in fighting techniques.

So why not come along, its great fun......

Experiened 3rd Dan Black belt instructor, who makes it fun while you learn the accient art of DOJO defence and burn a few calories too.

Each session is £3 which is paid in a block booking of a month

First session is free

Well see you there !!!!!